CPR First Aid


Thanks everyone for a great month!

Always remember that the company, managers and teammates are always incomplete without hard-working employees like all of you. Thanks for all the support and hard work that you all put in your work every single day!

27 Feb - 5 MARCH 2023

Chardie 1


Great job! You are an avid learner. You always seek ways on how to pick up new skills. Thank you for helping Admin and the Account Managers with their tasks!  🧡🎉

Carissa 2 1


Thanks for always doing your best in managing your time between Sales and Admin. We appreciate you being proactive in learning strategies on how to become a better Account Manager. Keep up the good work! 🧡🎉

Jessa 1


We appreciate you for always bringing positive energy to the workplace. You have a very positive outlook in life and you make sure that you do your best in completing your tasks! 🧡🎉

Ver 1


Thanks for always doing the extra mile in helping clients. You make sure that all enquiries are resolved and are never afraid of asking questions. A truly passionate employee! Keep doing what you’re doing! 🧡🎉

6 - 12 MARCH 2023



The quality of your work speaks for itself. You ensure that every minute counts for you and make it a point that all calls are attended to on your watch! We recognize your effort to multitask to ensure all tasks are done promptly. You have genuinely demonstrated that you are an employee with great potential, and you’ve proven to be a valuable asset to our team! 

May your perseverance and dedication serve as an example to the rest of the CPRFA Family! 🧡🎉



We appreciate your contributions to the sales team last week with 8 processed bookings and 16 sales quotes!

Every idea shared and every opportunity seized by you and the rest of the team helped us achieve our goals. Kudos to your efforts! 🧡🎉



Thank you for  helping everyone whenever they need assistance.

Your desire and willingness to speak to clients who have issues and feedback are truly appreciated. Thanks for turning a 1 star rating into a 5 star review!

We thank you for all your hard work! 🧡🎉



Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Your dependable nature ensures that we can always count on you to deliver high-quality work, even under challenging circumstances. Your passion for what you do inspires those around you and helps to create a positive and energising work environment. Your adaptability allows you to excel in a constantly evolving industry and to take on new challenges with enthusiasm. 🧡🎉

13 - 19 MARCH 2023

Rich 1


Reliability is hard to come by. Thank you for being someone we can always count on! We are so grateful for all of your hard work. The entire CPRFA team thanks you for everything you do! 🧡🎉

Alex 1


Things have been tough, but every day you show up, roll up your sleeves, and make things happen. Thanks for pushing through, we appreciate you! 🧡🎉

Jasper 1


We want to thank you for always being willing to go the extra mile to deliver impeccable work! 🧡🎉

20 - 26 MARCH 2023

Rachel 1


Thank you for always bringing new ideas to the table. You’re willing to speak up and share our ideas to help bring out the best in our team and our work to the next level! Looking forward to more ideas from you! 🧡🎉

Ryan 1


Thanks for being a great team player. Your efforts make our team stronger! The team and the company really appreciates you! 🧡🎉

Alex 2


Your teamwork has enabled us to deliver great results! Thanks for working together towards the success of CPR First Aid!

Thanks for doing your best in helping our Electricity issue in Canterbury. Without your patience in coordinating with the companies, we wouldn’t have been able to resolve our concern right away! 🧡🎉

20 - 26 MARCH 2023



Thank you for your help and support with Training and Admin. You are really an asset to the team and we appreciate all your hard work! 🧡🎉

Shanice 1


Thanks for your contributions! If not for you, the other team members would not be able to complete their tasks. Always remember that you are important and the Team appreciates you! 🧡🎉



Thanks for always being there whenever we need help! Your contributions to the team have been phenomenal. We appreciate everything and we look forward to more collaboration with you! 🧡🎉



Thank you for your dedication and hard work. We appreciate the time and effort you have put in to improve and help the team! 🧡🎉