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Benefits of Hot and Cold Showers

benefits of hot and cold showers

You’re not alone if your body desires a hot shower in the morning. To feel the warm water all over your body makes you feel relaxed. But did you know that you ought to include taking cold showers in your daily regimen?

You read that right: frigid showers. The ones you dread taking in the morning when you’re the last one up. You might discover, though, that you genuinely enjoy how you feel after taking one if you give them a fair try. 

In truth, there are both benefits of hot and cold showers. Regardless of your opinion of either hot or cold showers, research demonstrates that they both provide advantages for your health that you should be aware of.

In this blog, you will learn the various benefits for both types of showers. You will also know if our brain can be affected by hot showers.


Cold vs. Hot Shower

Cold Showers

Any shower with water that is less than 70°F is considered a cold shower. They might be healthy for you. Since ancient times, water therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, has been used to benefit from our bodies’ propensity to adjust to more challenging environments. Our bodies become more resilient to stress as a result.

Although they are not the primary method of treatment for any ailment, cold showers might aid with symptom relief and overall well being. See what taking a cold shower can do for you below.

Raises Endorphin Levels

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics

  • In 2017-18, one in five (20.1%) or 4.8 million Australians had a mental or behavioural condition, an increase from 4.0 million Australians (17.5%) in 2014-15. 
  • In 2017-18, 3.2 million Australians (13.1%) had an anxiety-related condition, an increase from 11.2% in 2014-15. 
  • One in ten people (10.4%) had depression or feelings of depression, an increase from 8.9% in 2014-15.

They are given medications and also, and hydrotherapy is another option that can affect someone’s mood. This is due to electrotherapy and could increase the happy hormones – the endorphins.

Increases Metabolism

Cold showers increase metabolism according to research. They activate adipose tissues and metabolize.

Promotes Good Circulation

As hydrotherapy, some people may benefit from cold showers because it helps their blood move through their body more quickly. People who benefit include people with poor circulation, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Note: Cold showers do not work as a miracle treatment for any ailment. They are not a replacement for treatment.

Hot Showers

You might think to take a hot shower at night after having a long and tiring day. Hot or warm showers relax your muscles and the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

First Aid When Burned By Hot Shower

What is a Burn?

Burns is considered an injury. According to the World Health Organisation, it’s an injury to the skin and/or organic tissue that is caused by heat, radiation, radioactivity, electricity, friction, or contact with chemicals.

First Aid for Burns

The nature and severity of the burn injury can affect how it is treated. More serious burns could need medical attention and medicine, even though the majority of small burns can be treated at home with cool running water for 20 minutes. The major goals of burn treatment are to manage pain, remove dead tissue, avoid infection, and lessen the scarring.

If a burn or scald does occur and requires treatment, first aid for burns is the same for all types:

  1. Remove all jewellery from around the burn area. Remove any clothing and nappies around the burn area unless stuck to the skin.
  2. Cool the burn under cool running water for no more and no less than 20 minutes.
    Don’t use ice or creams as this can further damage the skin.
  3. Cover the burn loosely with cling wrap or a clean, damp lint-free cloth.

Do not use ice to cool the burn as this may make the burn worse. Never apply any lotions, creams or food items (including egg whites, butter, toothpaste, potato). Cool running water is best.

When To Seek Emergency Care?

Call 000 or seek immediate care for major burns, which:

  • Are deep, involving all layers of the skin.
  • Cause the skin to be dry and leathery.
  • May appear charred or have patches of white, brown or black.
  • Are larger than 3 inches (about 8 centimetres) in diameter.
  • Cover the hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks or a major joint, or encircles an arm or leg
  • Are accompanied by smoke inhalation.
  • Begin swelling very quickly.

Electrical burns, including those caused by lightning, and major chemical burns need emergency medical care. A minor burn might need emergency care if it affects the eyes, mouth, hands or genital areas. Babies and older adults might need emergency care for minor burns as well.

Can the Brain Withstand a Shower?

The answer to this depends on the person. If the person has no medical condition, hot showers can even promote positive effects. However, if the underlying condition of the person is affected by brain and neurological disorders, they need to manage heat because their brain can be harmed. Here’s the link on how to manage neurological problems. 

First Aid in Brisbane

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Hot showers can’t affect the brain when there is no underlying condition. Both cool and hot showers give health benefits. However, accidents may happen in taking hot showers and may cause burns. If you’re interested in how to manage burns and learn more about this you can enrol and join us in CPR First Aid Brisbane.

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