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CPR First Aid Courses in Bulleen

CPR First Aid Courses in Bulleen

Interested in taking a first aid course in Bulleen? Perhaps you aren’t quite sure what a first aid course is and what it can offer you. Well you’re in luck. Through this article, we’ll talk about why you should take these courses, the topics covered in the course, how much and how long the courses are, and much more. 

Why You Should Take a First Aid Course in Bulleen

The first and most important reason why you should take a first aid course is the health and safety aspect. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. In some cases, aid needs to be delivered immediately. 

Apart from that, learning how to handle various conditions, injuries, and situations cultivates self-confidence in the learner. This confidence allows people to tackle life’s challenges with less fear. 

First aid crucial for safety. Accidents happen anytime, anywhere. Immediate aid essential.

Is a First Aid Certificate Worth it in Bulleen?

Various professions in Australia – like electricians, trainers, and firefighters just to name a few – require a first aid certificate. At the same time, certain businesses require their employees to have certifications for compliance and regulatory purposes. 

These are just a couple of ways that a first aid certificate can positively impact a person’s career. Apart from the ability to help save and care for people, these add to the worth of a first aid certificate.

How First Aid Helps With Snake Bites

Let’s take a look at how first aid helps out in a practical situation. In this case, let’s see how first aid helps with snake bites

Australia is home to many species of snakes, some of them being quite venomous and life-threatening. A bite will usually have symptoms that include redness, swelling, bruising, redness around the bite area, and blisters.

If the bite came from a highly venomous species, symptoms could add paralysis, nausea, and convulsions, difficulty breathing, and cardiac events. 

When responding to a victim of a snake bite, the first thing to do is ensure that the environment around the person is safe. Emergency services should be phoned right after. While waiting, responders should be ready to provide CPR and utilise an automated external defibrillator (AED) if necessary, both things that you can learn at the HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course.

First aid helps with snake bites in practical ways. Australia hosts venomous snakes. Symptoms: swelling, redness, blisters.

What Do You Study in First Aid HLTAID011?

Learners need both knowledge and practical skills to successfully respond to emergencies. Let’s take a look at what you stand to learn from the HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course. 

Knowledge Component

The course starts out by teaching learners the right standards, procedures, and guidelines to follow. These act as the foundation for a responder’s actions, allowing them to follow steps and protocol in the event of emergencies. The topics here include duty of care, risk minimisation techniques, infection control, and hazard identification. 

Learners will learn about identifying the signs of various conditions and injuries. These include hypothermia, hyperthermia, cardiac emergencies, burns, and more. In understanding how to identify when these situations happen, learners can quickly jump into action. 

The learners will also learn about theoretical aspects of CPR and AED usage that include:

  • The correct duration of CPR;
  • When to start CPR;
  • When to stop CPR;
  • When to use an AED;
  • And, safety and maintenance procedures for AEDs.

Practical Component

For the practical side, learners will learn how to manage casualties who are experiencing bleeding, fractures, anaphylaxis, sprains, fractures, shock, and many more. 

Learners also need to demonstrate placing an unconscious victim in the right position, handling airway maintenance, performing CPR for two uninterrupted minutes, demonstrating the usage of an AED by following instructions, and responding to one simulated incident without any knowledge of the victim’s background. 

What Other Types of First Aid Courses Can I Take?

For those who want to focus on specific facets of first aid, there are other first aid courses available. Let’s check them out.

CPR Course – HLTAID009

The first available course we have is HLTAID009, the leading CPR refresher course. As you can imagine, this course focuses on the correct delivery of CPR. Learners can take this quick course to resharpen their skills. 

The course also goes over other important life-saving techniques such as the recovery position and the DRSABCD emergency steps. 

In order to complete this course, learners must pass the practical test of demonstrating uninterrupted CPR cycles and AED usage among others. 

Childcare First Aid Course – HLTAID012

The next available course is the HLTAID012 Childcare First Aid course. For people who work with or just want to ensure a child’s safety in the event of an emergency, this is the right course to take. It is ideal for teachers, parents, and caregivers. 

The course does not just teach learners what to do in the event of a pediatric emergency. It also helps prevent these emergencies from ever happening by teaching people how to identify and eliminate any potential hazards seen around the environment. 

How Long is a First Aid Course in Bulleen?

First aid courses in Bulleen are flexible when it comes to how long the courses are. The duration of these courses is actually dependent on the type of course selected and the delivery method selected. 

The HLTAID009 CPR course for example has delivery methods that include regular, express, and full courses. The duration of the regular method is 30 minutes, while the express and full methods are 90 minutes and 2.5 hours long respectively. 

Similarly, the HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course has methods to choose from as well, each with varying durations. For more information on how long each first aid course is, learn more at the CPR First Aid (CPRFA) website.

How Long is First Aid Valid For?

The successful completion of a first aid course will allow learners to earn certifications. For first aid, these certifications do not have an expiry date. With that said though, it is generally recommended for learners to continuously take refresher courses every three years. 

Taking refresher courses allows learners to stay current with any updates in the field of first aid. There might be newer techniques, procedures, guidelines, and even advancements with medications. 

Apart from that, essential first aid skills can fade with time. One example is CPR. If it has not been used and practised, its effectiveness may not be there come the time when a responder needs to use it. The refresher ensures that responder’s first aid skills remain sharp and effective. 

Can I Do The First Aid Course Online in Bulleen?

Computers and the internet have allowed for many courses to be taken online. The added convenience of taking the course anywhere, plus the multimedia capabilities of online courses, allow for these courses to be experienced in effective ways. 

CPRFA recognises these benefits and developments. With that said though, only certain parts of certain courses or delivery types offer online modules. Certain courses have online theory modules that need to be taken before the face-to-face class meets. 

This is largely because one important side of first aid is that it depends on practical skills. The trainers can help guide learners in practising and perfecting these skills. Moreover, the practical assessment of demonstrating CPR needs to be done in the training facility where a manikin is present.

How Much Does First Aid Cost in Bulleen?

The cost of a first aid course in Bulleen is dependent on the type of course selected, as well as the delivery method. The express and regular delivery methods of HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course cost $80.50, while the full course costs $90.50. 

For more information on all the course costs, visit the CPRFA website. 

How Can I Learn First Aid For Free?

People can learn anything these days for free. There are many resources currently available online that people can easily and conveniently utilise. The internet has many videos, articles, and guidelines that can be helpful in teaching certain aspects of first aid. 

While people can use these resources to study first aid with no costs, there is a limitation attached to it. For one, the practical skills should definitely be practised under the tutelage of expert trainers. At the same time, certifications can only be earned by completing first aid courses. 

Where to Find First Aid Courses in Bulleen?

If you are interested in taking a first aid course in Bulleen, CPRFA offers multiple courses that you can take. Our training facility is located at Manningham Hotel & Club, 1 Thompsons Rd. 

Learning first aid is a great decision. With the right knowledge and skills, you can help respond to emergencies and save people, build confidence that can help out in life, and help build your career. Take a first aid course today. 



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