CPR First Aid


Download free, printable first aid posters based from CPR first aid training modules.

Basic Life Support

Step-by-step guide for Basic Life Support techniques

Signs and Symptoms of drowning

Infographic showcasing signs and symptoms of drowning

Some causes of acute ineffective breathing

Infographic presenting the main causes of acute ineffective breathing

The ways allergens can enter the body

The different ways allergens can enter your system

Common Causes of Anaphylaxis

Infographic: Common Allergens that Cause Anaphylaxis

Signs and Symptoms (Allergy)

A Visual Guide to Allergy Symptoms - Infographic

Signs and Symptoms of Anaphylaxis

Infographic displaying signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis

Management of an Allergic Reaction

A Visual Guide to Allergy Symptoms - Infographic

Management of Anaphylaxis

Step-by-step guide to managing Anaphylaxis

Symptoms of Heatstroke

Illustration of the Symptoms of Heatstroke

Treating Heatstroke

Treating heatstroke: A step-by-step guide

Preventing Heatstroke

Heatstroke prevention measures illustrated in an infographic

Mild Asthma attack

An illustrated guide to mild asthma attack symptoms

Moderate Asthma Attack

Understanding moderate asthma attack infographic

Hypoglycaemic Attack

Visual guide to hypoglycaemic attack and its symptoms

Hyperglycaemia (High blood sugar) Symptoms

Get a Clear Picture of Hyperglycaemia Symptoms with this Infographic

Heart Attack Risk Factors

Infographic showcasing factors that can lead to a heart attack

Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Clear depiction of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack in an infographic

Treatment of heart Attack

Managing a heart attack: An informative infographic

Cardiac arrest signs and symptoms

Illustration of common signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest

Signs of Choking

Infographic on identifying the signs of choking

Choking Infants First Aid

When Every Second Counts: Infant Choking First Aid Infographic

Basic First Aid for Bleeding

Step-by-Step Guide to Basic First Aid for Bleeding

First Aid for Bleeding from Embedded Objects

Graphic Representation of First Aid for Bleeding from Embedded Objects

Signs of Internal Bleeding

Signs of Internal Bleeding: A Comprehensive Infographic

Treatment of Skull Bleeding

Comprehensive guide to skull bleeding treatment in an infographic

Treatment of Bleeding Ear

Effective treatments for bleeding ear depicted in infographic

Treatment of Nosebleed

Learn how to treat nosebleeds with this infographic

First Aid for Complete Amputation

Clear and concise First Aid guide for Complete Amputation in an infographic

First Aid for Partial Amputation

Infographic on Emergency First Aid for Partial Amputation

First Aid for Sever Bleeding

Infographic guide to administering First Aid for severe bleeding

Arterial Tourniqute Guide

Step-by-step guide to using an arterial tourniquet in emergencies

Haemostatic dressings

An informative haemostatic dressings infographic

Basic Care of a Wound

Step-by-step guide to wound care

Signs and Symptoms of Abdominal Injuries

Detailed infographic on abdominal injury signs and symptoms

Treatment for Crush Injuries

Infographic displaying best practices for treating crush injuries

Symptoms of Shock

Shock Symptoms Infographic Guide

First Aid for Shock

Don't Panic: An Infographic on First Aid for Shock

Safety Procedures for Sharp Injuries

Infographic depicting the appropriate safety measures for preventing sharp injuries

Treatment for a Burn

Effective burn treatment techniques explained in an infographic

What to look out for when your head is injured

What to do if you have a head injury infographic

Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Injuries

Infographic illustrating the signs and symptoms of spinal injuries

The priorities of management of a suspected spinal injury

Infographic presenting the priorities of management for individuals with suspected spinal injuries. The image depicts the essential steps and key considerations that should be followed when handling these cases.

Levels of Alertness

This infographic visualizes the various levels of alertness, providing insight into the spectrum of human awareness.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol poisoning

This infographic highlights crucial signs and symptoms that may indicate alcohol poisoning, a severe and potentially life-threatening condition.

General signs and symptoms of substance misuse

This infographic provides an overview of general signs and symptoms that may indicate the presence of substance misuse or addiction.

What does people with drug addiction do?

The following infographic highlights the common behaviors and actions exhibited by people struggling with drug addiction.

Effects of Taking Drugs

This captivating infographic explores the multifaceted consequences of substance abuse, shedding light on the profound effects that drug consumption can have on individuals and society.

Symptoms of overdose

This informative infographic sheds light on the critical topic of overdose, aiming to raise awareness about its symptoms and promote prompt action.

Management of Acute Alcohol / Drug Poisoning

This infographic provides valuable insights into the management of acute alcohol/drug poisoning, offering essential guidelines and strategies for effective intervention.

Treatment of Chemical Exposure

Discover effective treatments and solutions for chemical exposure in our comprehensive guide. Learn how to mitigate risks and safeguard your health today.

First Aid Treatment for Major Eye Injuries

An infographic featuring step-by-step instructions for providing immediate first aid to individuals experiencing major eye injuries.

First Aid Treatment for Minor Eye Injuries

Infographic depicting first aid treatment for minor eye injuries. The graphic illustrates step-by-step instructions for handling common eye injuries

Signs and Symptoms of Ruptured Ear Drum

An infographic displaying signs and symptoms of a ruptured eardrum. The infographic includes images and text describing common indications such as severe ear pain, sudden hearing loss, ringing in the ear, dizziness, and discharge from the ear.

First Aid Treatment for Ruptured Eardrum

Infographic illustrating first aid treatment for a ruptured eardrum. The infographic provides visual aids and concise text to assist in understanding the recommended first aid measures for a ruptured eardrum.

Signs and Symptoms of Fracture

An infographic displaying the signs and symptoms of a fracture. The infographic aims to provide visual information for identifying potential fractures, assisting individuals in recognizing the need for medical attention and prompt treatment.

Fracture Treatment

An infographic on fracture treatment methods. The infographic aims to provide a concise overview of fracture treatment options and guidance for optimal healing.

Tips for Fracture First Aid

An infographic with fracture first aid tips. The infographic aims to promote knowledge and awareness of proper fracture first aid techniques.

Management of Dislocations

Infographic illustrating the management of dislocations, featuring clear step-by-step instructions and visual aids for effective treatment.

Signs and Symptoms of Sprain

A visually appealing infographic displaying signs and symptoms of a sprain. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner, making it accessible and informative for individuals seeking to understand and identify sprain-related symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Strain

"Infographic illustrating common signs and symptoms of muscle strain, including localized pain, swelling, muscle weakness, and limited range of motion. The image showcases visual representations of strained muscles and provides text descriptions of each symptom.

Difference between Sprain and Strain

infographic depicting the difference between sprains and strains. The infographic provides a clear comparison between these two types of injuries.

Causes of Seizures other than Epilepsy

This infographic outlines various factors that can potentially cause seizures, aside from epilepsy. he visual elements of the infographic provide a clear and concise overview of the diverse causes of seizures, fostering greater awareness and knowledge in the community.

DO's during a seizure

an infographic featuring a list of helpful actions to take during a seizure

DON'Ts during a seizure

Infographic displaying a list of DON'Ts during a seizure. This infographic provides important guidelines for supporting someone during a seizure episode.

Signs and Symptoms of Seizures

The infographic depicts a series of icons and text describing common signs and symptoms associated with seizures. The infographic aims to provide a visual guide for recognizing and understanding the various signs and symptoms of seizures.

Signs and Symptoms of Snake Bites

Infographic depicting common signs and symptoms of snake bites. This infographic provides important information about identifying snake bites and seeking immediate medical attention.