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First Aid for the Bites of the Common Cockroaches in Australia

Healthdirect, an online information service that many organisations support, states that the first aid for cockroach bites is washing it with soap and water. It also explains that cold packs may help relieve local pain and swelling. But, it also warns the possibility of a severe allergic reaction which will need a separate set of first aid steps. It is why it also outlines the appropriate response to anaphylaxis and highlights the importance of a first aid course. Find out below how the common cockroach bites in Australia may lead to this emergency and what you can do.

What is the First Aid for Common Cockroach Bites in Australia?

Most insect bites, such as those of cockroaches, may improve by washing it with soap and water. In some instances, it may feel painful and swollen, which a cold pack may help. While the first pair of treatments are available in most households, the latter is found in many first aid kits. 

Insect bites, like cockroach ones, improve with soap and water. Cold pack eases pain, swelling. Common household treatments.

What is the First Aid for the Severe Allergic Reaction to the Bites of the Common Cockroaches in Australia?

The first aid to a severe allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, is an injection of adrenaline. It is also important to call 000 for ambulance. 

Why do the Bites of the Common Cockroaches in Australia May Lead to Anaphylaxis?

Some people may experience a severe allergic reaction if they get a bite or sting from an insect. Rentokil Australia, a pest-control solutions company, states that cockroach bites are known to trigger allergic reactions. As their saliva may transmit its proteins and germs from its body and excrement.

How is a First Aid Course Helpful in Applying First Aid for the Bites of the Common Cockroaches in Australia?

According to Healthdirect, knowing what to do in an emergency may save a life. So, it highlights how its a very good idea to enroll in a first aid course

Where Can You Enroll for a First Aid Course to Manage the Bites of the Common Cockroaches in Australia?

Training.gov.au, the National Register on Vocational Education and Training (VET), lists the Registered Training Organisations in Australia. National and jurisdictional legislation approve them to have the approved scope of delivering pieces of Nationally Recognised Training such as a first aid course. CPR First Aid (RTO NO 21903) is one of these that offers a free online class on its website. It also delivers an affordable in-person training in its multiple centres throughout the country. 

What are the Common Cockroaches in Australia?

Rentokil explains that there are 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide and 450 of them are in Australia. It lists the following common cockroaches in the country.

Rentokil: 4,000 global cockroach species; 450 in Australia. Common types listed:

Australian Cockroach

Prevalent in areas where the weather is cold and relatively mild and enters buildings at night from gardens/debris.

American Cockroach

American cockroach prefers dark, humid and undisturbed areas and live on trees, subfloors, basements, kitchens, roof voids and bathrooms. Its known to fly at very high temperatures.

German Cockroach

This species has a known distribution worldwide and has 2 dark longitudinal stripes on their pronotum. It lives indoors and prefers wet and humid conditions such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches highly adapt in natural environment and thrive in cool, damp areas. It is why it lives on basements, drains and openings beneath porches.

Brown-banded Cockroach

One of the smallest pest cockroaches that mostly stay on ground such as ceilings, attics, and appliance motors.

Smoky-Brown Cockroach

It has a habit of entering houses and contaminating food with the following.

  • Excrement
  • Regurgitated salivary fluid
  • Harmful bacteria

This species is nocturnal and lives in tree hollows, under bark, and under floors.

How Can You Avoid the Common Cockroaches in Australia?

Rentokil suggests denying them easy access to food, water, and shelter by doing the following:

  • Storing food in tightly-sealed containers
  • Clearing up food debris from sinks and appliances
  • Removing pet food before nightfall
  • Rinsing cans, bottles and plastic before putting them in the trash bins
  • Removing old and/or unused newspaper, cardboard, and other clutter where they may live
  • Varnishing or painting wood shelves 
  • Sealing gaps around pipes, drains and common walls

Rentokil also recommends getting a professional treatment if there is already an infestation.


The first aid for the bites of the common cockroaches in Australia is soap, water, and a cold pack. If it leads to a severe allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, then it is ideal to inject adrenaline and call 000. Cockroaches are known to trigger allergic reactions through their saliva. So, knowing what to do in an emergency by enrolling to a first aid course may help manage it. An online and in-person training is available on CPR First Aid (RTO NO 21903). Why not check the website to see how it may help you deal with the bites of the 450 species of cockroaches in Australia?



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