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How and Where to a Get First Aid Certificate in Adelaide?

Get a first aid certificate with CPR First Aid in Adelaide CBD. Know more about our Nationally Accredited courses taught by fully qualified trainers.

If you’re looking for a first aid certificate in Adelaide CBD, there are various options available to you. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how and where to obtain training and qualifications in Adelaide. Moreover, we’ll walk you through the different first aid courses for you to be familiar with the inclusions that will best match your certification needs.

First Aid Meaning: Why is it Important?

First Aid is an important life skill that everyone should know. It can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. An Adelaide First Aid Certificate is proof that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide basic medical assistance to someone who is injured or ill.

Primary Purpose of Being a First Aider

Being a first aider is essentially about being able to provide assistance to someone who has suffered an injury or is experiencing a medical emergency. First aid training teaches you how to assess and manage these situations and provide the necessary care until professional help arrives.

What is the use of a First Aid Certificate in Adelaide?

first aid certificateWhether it is required in the workplace or in an informal setting, the knowledge and training gained from a first aid course do not only exhibit preparedness but at the same time, have the consciousness to prevent or reduce accidents.

Benefits of Holding a Qualification in First Aid

  • Being able to provide emergency care to those who need it
  • Knowing how to prevent further injury or illness
  • Potentially save someone’s life
  • Boosts confidence in providing basic life support
  • Giving family and friends peace of mind knowing that you are prepared in case of an emergency

Accredited First Aid Courses in Adelaide CBD

About CPR First Aid

CPR First Aid Australia is a leading provider of Compliant, Practical and Recognised first aid training since 2007 regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). We have worked hard in developing our courses to accommodate requirements and guarantee a fun and dynamic first aider training learning experience.

What are the First Aid Certificates CPR First Aid Adelaide Offers?

Along with our fully qualified trainers and fully accredited courses, CPR First Aid caters to both individual and group learners ensuring top-notch emergency care education for participants. Our course consists primarily of the following you can easily choose from.

Note that an Express Class is an ASSESSMENT ONLY course for participants who hold current qualifications and avail of annual training. Otherwise, it is recommended to book our REGULAR or Full-Length Course.

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Emergency and Renewal

NRT LogoHLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation Courses (CPR Refresher)

Replacing HLTAID001, this national course is also known as CPR refresher currently being offered in 3 formats:

NRT LogoHLTAID011 Provide first aid Courses (Level 2 or Workplace)

A minimum requirement in all workplaces and replacing Level 2 or Senior First Aid course is NRT LogoHLTAID011 Provide first aid. Assess and select from these 3 options

NRT LogoHLTAID012 Provide first aid in an education and care setting

These are courses that provide emergency first aid in an education and care setting with 2 options available.

BFA Baby-Friendly Basic First Aid (non-accredited)

This is a 2-3hr program, which teaches basic first aid for babies, children and adults. Receive a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ for basic CPR, DRS ABCD (emergency protocol), recovery position, choking, drowning, febrile convulsions, burns, bleeding, and asthma.

Open to parents, expectant parents, groups of friends or family wanting to learn the basics of first aid for infants and kids.

Learn more about our courses on the  FAQS page.

How Much Does a First Aid Course Cost in Adelaide?

Our CPR course in Adelaide starts from $45. Specialty courses such as Childcare First Aid starts from $99. You might find that our pricing is lower than other first aid course providers due to completing theory at home prior to class and doing away with refreshments costs, focusing more on practical activities and course completion. Check out our First Aid Courses Adelaide page for more details.

How Long is a First Aid Certificate Valid in Adelaide CBD?

After passing the practical assessment with CPR First Aid Adelaide course, the participant shall receive a first aid certificate with no expiry. Though, the Australian government recommends that you refresh your first aid certificate every 3 years.

Is Online CPR Certification Valid in Adelaide CBD?

Only part of a CPR First Aid course is completed online. This would pertain to pre-course theories and answering modules before attending onsite classes. The assessment part is a demonstration of the practical skills acquired with the use of a manekin exposed in varied emergency scenarios at work or in the community setting. Thus, we do not issue an online first aid certificate.

Where is the First Aid Training Venue in Adelaide?

CPR First Aid courses are nationally recognised and workplace compliant to provide training to its learners. We are able to send fully qualified trainers to your work location or we can arrange an accessible, convenient, and Covid safe venue for your group.

In conclusion, knowing how and where to acquire your first aid certificate would definitely involve careful research of the courses being offered by an organisation. Regardless if it’s a requirement or not, investing in a first aid certificate is a fulfilling accomplishment for both yourself and the people in your surroundings.

CPR First Aid Adelaide CBD being an accredited first aid training institution nationwide for over a decade can assure its participants unparalleled in theory learning and practical application.

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