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How to Treat Different Types of Burns?

Knowing how to treat different types of burns and apply first aid treatment will help reduce the risk of getting these harmful effects of burns.

Applying cool running water for 20 minutes is one of the burns first aid steps listed in the South Australian Paediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines. It is released on the Department for Health and Wellbeing, Government of South Australia’s website that is managed by the Office for Digital Government in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

The guideline also mentions about further first aid practices needed to be taken for different types of burns such as if the burn is minor, major, or from a specific source. These first aid responses require certain skills and knowledge to be performed effectively. Fortunately, anyone in Modbury may learn these in a first aid course accredited by training.gov.au, the National Register on Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia.

First Aid for Burns

The said guideline has outlined the necessary first aid treatments for burns of different causes and levels. It includes the use of certain first aid tools and performing a resuscitation when needed. Since these must be performed correctly for proper burn first aid management, the required skills and knowledge to do these have been identified by training.gov.au. It has accredited a first aid course to cover the elements and performance criteria in providing a first aid response to burns, among other casualties.

First aid guide for burns: Treatments, tools, skills, and knowledge outlined by training.gov.au.

First Aid Course for Treating Burns

NRT LogoHLTAID011 – Provide first aid Course contains the competency details of providing first aid treatments to a range of incidents like burns. It is the current course that supersedes HLTAID003 – Provide first aid and is in line with the guidelines determined by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and other Australian national peak clinical bodies. ARC is sponsored by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.

First Aid in the Workplace

Training.gov.au further states that the NRT LogoHLTAID011 – Provide first aid Course applies to those required in responding to incidents that may occur in the community and workplace. As every workplace is required to provide first aid as stipulated in Part 2, Division 3 of the South Australian Government’s Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012. This regulation has mandated all businesses to provide first aid training to an adequate number of their workers.

Who Delivers the NRT LogoHLTAID011 – Provide first aid Course

Training.gov.au has listed the Registered Training Organisations that have the approved scope of delivering this first aid course. One of these is CPR First Aid with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) as its registration manager. ASQA is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector.

About CPR First Aid

CPR First Aid (RTO NO 21903) has been delivering this accredited first aid course among others since 2007 with passion and dedication. As a result, an average of 20,000 trainees every year successfully acquire the first aid certificate. This serves as proof that a workplace has indeed complied with the regulation above. In addition, a first aid certificate also means you are competent to provide first aid responses in the community. Such first aid competency will be helpful when emergencies like burns occur which may happen at home. 

NRT LogoHLTAID011 – Provide first aid Course Duration

We offer this first aid course at different durations:

These durations are designed depending on the trainees’ current first aid qualifications and preference on the course’s pace.

NRT LogoHLTAID011 – Provide first aid Course Cost

The cost of all our courses starts from $110 with a chance of 20% off if the Terms and Conditions are met.

NRT LogoHLTAID011 – Provide first aid Course Location

We have a first aid training location at 191 Reservoir Rd Modbury 5091 and in other areas. We can also come to your workplace through a private booking where we send a trainer to conduct a customized training session for your staff/students/personnel.

Burn Safety Tips

Even though there is a first aid treatment for burns, ”prevention is better than cure”, so take note of the below steps. 

"Prevent burns with these steps; first aid is secondary."

Burn Safety Tips at Work

SafeWork SA has listed tips on how to minimise the risk of burns. It is the Government of South Australia’s workplace health and safety regulator. Some of their tips are:

  • Using slip-resistant footwear.
  • Placing warning signs.
  • Implementing routine safety checks.

Full information about their burn safety tips can be found here.

Burn Safety Tips at Home

The South Australian County Fire Service (CFS) lists the below home fire safety tips.

  • Installing smoke alarms.
  • Creating an escape plan.

CFS is a volunteer fire and rescue service that works alongside other fire services and local government.

Burn Safety Tips in Setting up a Campfire

This link will give you the basic rules for setting up a safe campfire and preventing burns. It is posted on the website of the South Australian National Parks and Wildfire Service which is under the Government of South Australia’s Environment Department.

"Prevent burns with these steps; first aid is secondary."


Applying cool running water for 20 minutes is among the first aid treatments for burns. Others include the use of certain first aid tools and performing resuscitation when needed. These are first aid competencies that may be acquired by enrolling in an accredited first aid course. This must be done by a certain number of workers in all workplaces as mandated by the South Australian Government.

Such workers and anyone interested may enrol in this training with CPR First Aid, one of the Registered Training Organisations identified by the National Register. Moreover, following safety tips may also help prevent burns which is one of the incidents that may be treated by enrolling to the said accredited course, the NRT LogoHLTAID011 – Provide first aid.

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