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Innovations in Diabetes Technology: How Australians are Benefiting from New Advancements

Diabetes Australia, a national body for those affected by the disease, explains that innovations in technology help in the management. Researchers and scientists continue to work on new treatments to deal with diabetes with less effort. It lists the new medications and tools available but also reminds speaking with a health professional before using any of these. Find more details about these below and see if they will fit in your first aid kit

What are the New Innovations in Diabetes Technology in Terms of Medications?

Diabetes Australia mentions the following medications that may help people in managing the disease.

  • New GLP-1 agonist: Wegovy
    • It is a 2.4 mg injection that targets areas of the brain to make you eat less to lower blood glucose levels and aid in weight loss
  • A new class of medication: GIP/GLP-1 agonist: Mounjaro
    • A new weekly injection for type 2 diabetes which causes the pancreas to release insulin
    • Researchers are developing this that may come in the form of injections or patches to reboot how your fat cells use insulin
    • A 3mg nasal powder that has the same active ingredient as intra-muscular glucagon injections

Further information on the above is available on Diabetes Australia’s discussion of diabetes technology in 2023.

Diabetes Australia lists meds aiding diabetes management.

What are the New Innovations in Diabetes Technology in Terms of Mobile Apps?

Australians may also benefit from the following apps that help in diabetes management. 

    • An artificial pancreas system that helps you stay in a safe glucose range and avoid complications
  • MySugr
    • It tracks glucose, carbohydrate, and bolus dose
  • Lumen
    • It measures metabolism which athletes and the public may use

Diabetes Australia reminds us to be cautious of these apps since they have different functionality. It also recommends using TGA-approved apps and asking for advice from your health professional.

What are the New Innovations in Diabetes Technology in Terms of Insulin Pump?

Diabetes Australia finds the following interesting and promising.

  • SigiTM patch pump
    • Works with prefilled insulin cartridges that a smartphone may control 
  • Tandem Mobi
    • It is half the size of the original pump and has no display screen
  • Omnipod 5 tubeless system
    • It connects the patch pump to a CGM via a smart algorithm to automatically adjust insulin doses
  • Medtronic extended-wear sets
    • An infusion set that keeps the insulin chemically and physically stable over time

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has approved most of these for distribution in Australia and the government is waiting for the availability on supply.

What are the New Innovations in Diabetes Technology in Terms of Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

Diabetes Australia lists the following improvements in the field of CGM technology.

  • Dexcom G7
    • Combines a sensor with a transmitter design which is smaller and is fully disposable
  • FreeStyle Libre 3
    • It displays real-time glucose reading every minute on the compatible mobile app
  • Eversense 180-day implantable
    • Health professionals may plant it for 180 days and reduce the number of fingerstick calibrations

Australia is still waiting for these to be available in the country which is developed in the USA.

How are Australians Benefitting from New Advancements in Diabetes Technology?

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released a scoping report that states that more work is required to have data on improvement activities.

  • There is a limited national database on the use of diabetes technology in the country
  • Data sets on technology use are separate and it is not possible to provide a national report
  • There are many involved stakeholders and processes for the approval, access, and distribution of new technology

AIHW also lists future opportunities and recommendations for baseline reporting in the future.

What Else Can Australians Do Aside from Using the Diabetes Technology?

Diabetes Australia highlights the importance of a healthy and in managing type 2 diabetes and the other categories. It also suggests preparing an emergency kit and plan to self-manage the disease. It lists what an emergency kit must have such as documents, medical supplies, a first aid kit, and other tools.

The Australian Department of Health and Aged Care also recommends exercising according to your age group. Its website provides further information on the types of physical activities you may do and the length of ideal exercise in a day.

Where Can Australians Buy a First Aid Kit to Add the Innovations in Diabetes Technology?

The government approves Registered Training Organisations such as CPR First Aid (RTO NO 21903) to deliver life-saving training online and in person. It also offers first aid kits for home use, snake bites, spider bites, and the workplace. The company works with a third party to deliver them to your home. Visit its website to learn how much medical supplies cost.


There is currently no data available on how Australians are benefiting from new advancements in new technology. But, improvements in medications, mobile apps, insulin pumps, and glucose monitoring are available. Most of these are TGA-approved and are waiting for availability in Australia. Make sure to use them with caution and ask your health professional for advice before adding them to your diabetes management toolkit.



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