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Tradies National Health Month: August 2022

Tradies National Health Month 

Tradies National Health Month 

This August 2022, CPR First Aid Australia is supporting Tradies National Health Month. The health and safety of the Tradies are indeed significant, which is why we are providing great offers for our Tradies in our affordable First Aid Courses.

This Tradies National Health Month (TNHM), Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) encourages tradies to share the load and prioritise their health and wellbeing for themselves and their families.

Tradies Health Survey March 2022 showed a connection between physical and mental health, with most tradies saying that mental illness had negatively impacted their physical wellbeing and 47% noting that it had damaged their interpersonal connections. 

What are the Benefits of Enrolling in First Aid Courses?

Tradies must be well equipped in an emergency and be a lifesaver for themselves and the people around them. Here are some of the benefits of enrolling in CPR First Aid courses

  • Being knowledgeable in case of emergency.
  • Preventing possible incidents in the workplace and at home.
  • Confidently performing First Aid in accidents that could cause less serious injury due to fast and correct first aid.
  • Help you be aware of the type of emergency cases at the site.
  • You can acquire peace of mind by learning and preparing early.

Enrol in CPR First Aid Australia Courses

Learning about Basic First Aid could make a big difference in health and safety. As a Tradie, you might consider upskilling on First Aid Skills. CPR First Aid Australia offers various first aid courses according to your needs. You can choose your preferred courses on our website.

Additionally, we provide exclusive savings on the First Aid Courses you can select from.

In order to improve your physical and emotional health during Tradies National Health Month, get in touch with us right away. See you soon, Tradies!

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