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What to Pack in Your Emergency Kit?

The idea of “doomsday preppers” is one that has been largely scoffed at. This is most likely due to why they think they are preparing in the first place. 

The most common reason – and likely the most sensationalised in the media – would be to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. The various films and movies have shown a scarcity of necessities in a zombie infested world. 

Zombie apocalypse aside though, the rationale for these so-called doomsday preppers is nothing but preparing for the unexpected. It is something that everyone needs to do for the sake of themselves and their loved ones.

Let’s check out what you need to pack in your own emergency kit. 

Why Prepare?

There is a saying that goes, “uncertainty is the only certain thing we have in life”. 

The world and our lives are in constant flux. At any moment, something random or unexpected could take place and change everything. That is why we do our best to prepare for what we can. Preparing prior to a disaster or unexpected event will always do more than reacting afterwards.

Here are several reasons why we prepare in the first place. 

Life: only certainty is uncertainty. World, lives in flux. Random events could alter all.

Lessen Damages

When it comes to things like natural disasters, people can plan around them with enough knowledge and foresight. 

One example fires. People can build their houses with fires in mind. With the right materials, it can significantly lessen the potential damage to people’s homes. This even extends to the roads going to a house. If planned well enough, a house can be designed with the intention of making it easily accessible to fire trucks.

It is this same mentality that goes on when packing one’s kits.

Save Lives

When a disaster happens, people could lose access to the many things that they take for granted every day. Food and water, for instance, are two things that people need to survive. When disasters strike, the sources for these could be taken away. 

These kits take all that into consideration. With everything that is put in these kits or bags, it all helps to increase the chances of survival and save lives in the process. 

Peace of Mind

Another good reason to prepare for emergencies is just for peace of mind. Eventually, there comes a point where people accept that things can happen. It acts like a looming shadow at the back of a person’s mind.

The best way to deal with it is to prepare. Feeling prepared helps put one at ease. This peace of mind is priceless because the emergencies do happen, one can act calmly and correctly according to one’s preparation. 

Most Likely Emergencies to Happen

Now that we’ve discussed why we need to prepare, we need to find out what we are preparing for. Granted, the disasters largely vary depending on which part of the world one is in. 

For instance, California is prone to environmental disasters such as fires and earthquakes.

Be that as it may, let’s check out the various disasters that happen and why people need to prepare for them. 

Prepare now. Know what for. Disasters differ globally. California faces fires, quakes.


The first event we have on our list is earthquakes. Again, certain areas are more prone to earthquakes than others. Some people live or work on fault lines, while others are farther away from it. Despite that, earthquakes can still happen anywhere and in varying magnitudes. 

If it gets particularly strong, the shaking can damage items and objects within a home. If it increases further, it can shake and destroy the very foundations of a house. It may also destroy gas lines, power lines, and water lines. Finally, it could even bring about another disaster in a tsunami. 

When this happens in a particularly large area, it is best to be prepared with emergency supplies that will help.

Floods and Storms

Jumping off the previous point, we have floods and storms. Strong storms and rains can bring about flooding. It gets particularly dangerous when the levels increase inside and outside of a person’s house. 

When this happens, items and appliances at home will no doubt get ruined. It may also ruin vehicles and block out any pathways one could take. 

In this instance, it is best to flee and seek higher ground. If the flood affects large areas, then people may not be able to access the necessities for survival. 


Fires have always been a hazard to anyone’s house. Recently though, the number of forest fires has also been increasing throughout the years. If your house is burning down, it is best to grab a bag of emergency supplies and escape. 

Packing Your Emergency Kit

This kit is also known as a “bug out bag”. It was called that because when disasters or emergencies hit, people can just take the bag and bug out. With that out of the way, it is time to start finding out what essential items to pack in one’s kit or bag. 

Emergency kit, aka "bug out bag". Grab and go during disasters. Time to pack essentials.

Food and Water

First on the list for our bug out bags is food and water. While people can forgo these two for a day’s survival, the reality is that people need to eat and drink clean water eventually. 

For the kit, it is best to bring three day’s worth of food and water for each person in the family. For the food, make sure it is easily prepared and does not perish easily.

A First Aid Kit

Next up, we have a first aid kit. Amidst the rumble and tumble of the many possible disasters that can take place, as well as what happens when escaping, injuries may take place. Thus, it is best to prepare for basic wound care by packing gauze, solutions for cleaning wounds, and gloves just to name a few.

Apart from that, it may also be wise to pack medications for any of your family’s medical conditions. Common medications for fevers or pain may also come in handy. 

Survival Tools

Survival tools come in all shapes and sizes. These are items that one can place in a bug out bag when out in the wild or when trying to find shelter.

These tools include things like a flashlight, a crank-powered radio that people can use to listen to emergency broadcasts, a knife, and a multi-tool. 

Apart from those, one can also bring extremely useful items like tape. While seemingly mundane, it has a myriad of applications that you can make use of in a pinch. 

Another good one would be water purification tablets that help when you find a source of water and need to make it potable. In the end, these tablets may save you from dehydration.

Important Documents

Finally, you will want to prepare any important documents you may have. If your home is affected by a disaster, the last thing you want to do is leave important documents at home where you may never see them again. These include things like identification cards, insurance policies, and other important records.

When preparing these documents, be sure to place them in fire and water-proof bags. 


Emergency kits are an important life-saving tool that many people do not have prepared. When things happen, having the right items in your kit can truly help a group of people survive. 

Remember to always stay prepared, because these situations may come at a moment’s notice. 

Another good thing to have in your own bag of tricks so to speak is first aid. When trying to survive, accidents and many types of injuries can happen. If you know how to handle wounds and other conditions, it will greatly help until your lives are stable once more.

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