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Lifesaving Training at Zero Cost!

Lifesaving Training at Zero Cost!

Non-Qualifying First Aid and CPR Course Available to Anyone in Australia, Provided by CPR First Aid. This lifesaving training won’t cost a cent!

You might wonder, is it truly without cost? Yes, it’s guaranteed that not a single extra charge will be made. CPR First Aid (RTO NO 21903), as part of its service to its community, has announced its offering of free online first aid and CPR courses. Such non-qualification courses are offered to residents of Australia, especially those who cannot afford a first aid course but are very much interested in gaining knowledge on first aid techniques. 

Wondering about cost? Rest assured, there are no extra charges. CPR First Aid (RTO NO 21903) offers free online first aid and CPR courses, benefiting Australian residents, especially those unable to afford a course but eager to learn first aid.

The virtual training for both units of competency contains free access to theoretical modules, videos, reading materials, and assessments. The first aid online class lasts 1-2 hours, while the CPR course extends up to 6 hours. Completion of both pieces of training is flexible based on the student’s own pace and schedule, as they can pause or stop sessions anytime. A Certificate of Completion becomes available to download for free in the student’s portal once they accomplish the whole course. The fact is that anyone may need the learning for themselves, their family members, the workplace, or the community so this free service would be highly beneficial to those interested.

CPR First Aid believes everyone deserves to gain first aid knowledge. However, such lifesaving information seems out of reach for many in Australia, as observed by the organisation since its registration in 2007 with The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). It has seen the struggle of many to afford a first-aid course that could have helped people know how to treat, respond, and even save lives in an emergency.  

The company extends its services for free by providing access to training materials aligned with the current NRT LogoHLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation, andNRT LogoHLTAID011 Provide first aid as mapped by training.gov.au. CPR First Aid aims to train interested individuals for both courses to gain knowledge on the correct application of first-aid techniques in times of need.

The organisation’s fun, efficient, and memorable courses for other first aid classes allow its thousands of yearly students to gain accreditation successfully. The company hopes to receive the same interest and accomplishment for its free online first aid and CPR courses. 

They say few things in life come free but are of great value, and once you encounter them, seize the moment!

To learn more about how to make the most of this extraordinary chance, please visit this link or contact us at admin@cprfirstaid.com.au.



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